So here's where it all began. Although Gro Web Design started in spirit about 10 years ago, creatively speaking, Talentlab was the beginning of our professional endeavors and the start of a portfolio that we're extremely grateful for and humbly proud of. Talentlab is a company started in 1998, and continues to see great success in the field of talent acquisitions. Talentlab delivers highly customized talent acquisition solutions for leading edge technology companies and places top technology stars in positions that precisely match their skills, aspirations, and passions. It was certainly our privilege here at Gro Web Design to create this modern website vision for Talentlab. 


Chapel Ridge Free Methodist Church is a place that's near and dear to our hearts here at Gro Web Design. Chapel Ridge's website was one of the first sites that this business acquired. As a business that loves to serve and assist small church's, businesses, and ministries, this was a perfect fit for us, and we couldn't have asked for a better team to work with on this collaboration at Chapel Ridge. This website features a modern parallax style. It also features some great tools and interactive image buttons.